Silver Plan

Where are you at?

You work in Central London and spend a lot of your time seated – commuting into work, sitting at a desk and sitting through long work meetings. Your job involves some stress, so, to help relieve this, you do a lot of physical activity during the week in the mornings and evenings to stay active and combat all of the sedentary work.

What problems are you facing right now?

As well as your body feeling stiff and uncomfortable all the time from work, you also have various issues from the intensive bursts of sport and activity you’re doing in your spare time. You may even be training for a sporting event and are worried about having an injury and being forced to stop and rest.

What do you need help with right now?

These ongoing aches and pains need some professional care and you need someone who will be monitoring your progress and following up with you more regularly. You need to understand what you can do to help avoid injury during exercise and maximise your training.

How can the Silver Plan help you?

Treatment will be tailored to your needs and your sport and the focus will be on getting you out of pain and staying injury free through regular massage. You will also learn tips on how to stretch and strength your muscles efficiently and how to work on stability.