We work with City workers, helping them to get rid of pain and move more easily.

Here’s How I Can Help

Bronze Plan

  • I have a busy lifestyle but know I need to do something to look after myself
  • I have a desk job and my body feels stiff most of the time
  • I have a sore back, neck and shoulders a lot when I’m working
  • I slouch a lot and struggle to sit up or stand up straight
  • I would like my body to feel a bit ‘looser’

Silver Plan

  • My body feels stiff and uncomfortable most of the time
  • I have various ongoing and long-term aches and pains that I want to get rid of
  • I often strain muscles when I exercise
  • I exercise regularly and want to look after my muscles
  • I am training for an event and am worried about getting injured

Gold Plan

  • I’ve had long-term pain after an accident
  • I keep injuring myself during training
  • I would like to speed up my recovery following an injury
  • I would like to seriously improve my performance during sport
  • I would like to avoid future injury

Here Is What My Clients Are Saying.

“I have been seeing Natasha for a couple months after suffering from chronic back pain for 2 years. After seeing countless doctors and specialists and not getting any results, I can honestly say that I have probably felt the most results after seeing Natasha. She treats my back with care and makes sure she understands every step of the way the pain you’re in, what feels good/bad which areas are giving you trouble and makes notes of them each week.

She takes her time and give exercises and advice where she feels you will benefit the most. I would definitely recommend Natasha to anyone I know who suffers from back pain or anyone who is under a lot of stress/pressure for regular massages and treatment“.

Nicole B, Actor

“I started to see Natasha whilst training for a Marathon – she helped me get rid of a bunch of strains that I’d been dealing with for a while and had been slowing me down and limiting my ability to train more. Natasha’s treatment has helped me to beat a bunch of personal bests & also run an ultra-marathon without injury. It’s also helped me to sleep by dealing with pain in my lower back”.

Thom B, Commercial Manager

“Highly recommend – I always walk out feeling amazing!

I have classic office job problems (tight shoulders, stiff back, etc.) and working with Natasha has been a massive help. As well as fixing the aches, she’s shown me some easy exercises to keep me in tune between appointments.

Thank you, Natasha!”.

Sara E, Consultant

“Marvellous massages! I came to Natasha with back and neck pain from a busy work and travel schedule.

She has really helped me to free up movement and tailors her work to the specific area that is causing issues each time.

She is very knowledgeable and good at explaining my body to me!”.

Hannah R, Accountant

“I’ve been seeing Natasha twice a month since the start of the year, and highly recommend her. She keeps good notes about what we’ve worked on each session, and I have really benefitted from going back to someone consistently to keep working on the bits that need it.

She is very friendly and chatty too.

Her direct debit option means I pay for it at the start of the month and then there’s no excuses not to go and see her – well worth it if you want to invest in yourself a bit and make sure you keep on top of the sore shoulders from sitting at desk all day!”.

Sarah F, Accountant